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Elevate Product Sheet

How Much Does Elevate Equipment Cost?

Each project cost is based off of your grow facility's room count, square footage & type of light.


To get an accurate estimate of AC Tonnage per room and the  cost of Elevate packages, use our HVAC calculator & quote

Where is Elevate Equipment Available?

We ship Elevate units throughout the contiguous United States & Canada

How does Elevate Equipment Improve Grow Facilities?

By providing consistent & accurate temperature & humidity levels throughout the entire grow cycle to all of your grow space, Elevate works hard to maximize crop health & harvest yield

How Long Does it Take To Get Going with Elevate?

After gathering your estimated AC Tonnage required & working together to select the Elevate unit package that works best for your facility, it takes approximately 12-16 weeks before your units arrive on site.

What are Thrive Controls?

Thrive is the optional set of equipment controls designed to optimize Elevate equipment.  Learn more on

Does Elevate only work with the Cannabis industry?

All controlled-environment agriculture & vertical farming projects can benefit from Elevate HVAC equipment

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