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The Elevate CPR HVAC unit is designed specifically for indoor cannabis cultivation and delivers best in class cooling and dehumidification performance.

Elevate engineers have built our equipment to reduce system weights and maximize value. Our custom hybrid designs & controls offer exceptional performance, maximum redundancy and the lowest cost per ton in the market!

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The Elevate CPR Series delivers exceptional performance and versatility over its 5 – 60 Ton range

  • Capacity from 5 - 60 Tons

  • Airflow from 500 - 22,000 CFM

  • 2” Double-Wall Foam Insulated Construction (R-13)

  • Hinged, Double-Walled Access Doors

  • 6-Row Intertwined Air Coils

  • Modulating Scroll Compressors

  • Built With Thrive Controls

  • Direct Drive Plenum Supply Blowers

  • MicroChannel Condenser Coils

  • Up to 6” of Media Filtration

  • Multiple Service Access Points

  • Optional 10,000 Hour Corrosion Protection

  • Modulating Reheat Circuit

  • Switchable SubCooling Circuit

  • Tailored to Meet Cultivation Requirements

  • Standard “Mold Busters” Bi-Polar Ionization Air Sanitation

  • Highest Value & Lowest Cost Per Ton in Class

  • Exclusive LOM & SOM Operation

  • Custom Condenser Sizing for High Ambient

  • Low Ambient Receivers and LAC Valves Allow Optimum Performance in Extreme Cold

Thrive Controls

Manually control or automate your Elevate equipment with Thrive Cultivation Controls

  • Maximize your facility's climate control system performance & capabilities

  • Full control over temperature settings in your rooms with heating & cooling setpoints, staging & differentials

  • Adjust humidification & dehumidification settings for all your day & night setpoints

  • Automate your grow cycle

  • Create grow climate recipe templates & export exact settings to different rooms

  • Control all aspects of your facility's grow environment on site or optionally in the cloud

  • See your room temperature, humidity and CO2 beautifully graphed over time

  • Not required with Elevate HVAC equipment just recommended

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