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Why is HVAC so important for commercial cannabis cultivation

Updated: Mar 12

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It’s all about the environment

A successful cannabis cultivation facility relies on well designed and reliable climate controls. Plants transpire water into the air. Room humidity must be kept between 50-70% so that plants will keep growing at their fastest and healthiest rate. Be aware that plants under a single grow light can release up to 4 gallons of water into the air per day! Without powerful equipment, the room will rise to 100% relative humidity. This can cause a rapid decline in plant conditions which is an immediate risk to the crop.

While it might appear easy to buy air conditioners and dehumidifiers from the store to maintain the grow room, there can be a multitude of complications to that approach. Equipment that is not powerful enough or created specifically for commercial facilities will not maintain temperature or humidity well enough. These problems mean that you will need to invest in equipment that will keep your facility conditions stable.

When you are growing crops commercially, your plants are too valuable to cut corners on climate controls. Making sure your facility is maintaining temperature, humidity, and VPD has a direct effect on quality and plant yield. You would be setting yourself up for failure if you do not take these factors seriously.

In cannabis cultivation, a proper HVAC system is one of the largest expenses you will come across when you begin to consider the upfront costs of running a facility. HVAC design can affect every aspect of your business, whether is it scalability or sustainability. It is important to select an HVAC system that will help optimize your facility from the beginning.

How do HVAC and commercial cannabis cultivation mix (The importance of an integrated approach)

Cannabis has been around for thousands of years. However, it is a new phenomenon to grow cannabis indoors in a grow room without the aid of sunlight.

Your cannabis facility is a vibrant ecosystem. The facility has energy pouring into the system from electricity and it has water coming from the plants as vapor. Each stage of the plant’s life cycle require unique humidity and temperatures in order to maximize the health of the plant. An HVAC system is responsible for keeping your facility ecosystem under control.

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