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Growing cannabis indoors in grow rooms can be a wonderful experience

Growing cannabis indoors

Growing cannabis indoors in grow rooms can be a wonderful experience but it must be planned properly. Cannabis grow rooms typically require special lighting to help the plants grow. These lights can be hot and cause the plants to die if the temperature inside the grow rooms are not regulated. A correctly sized A/C for your cannabis facility can help your plants to thrive in an environment in which they would have otherwise wilted and died.

In order to keep your grow rooms at the right temperature, you must first gather some information. The best way to know how much air conditioning you need for your grow room, you must plan ahead. Along with the lights in your facility, there are other pieces of equipment that also put off heat. These include ballasts, air pumps, CO2 burners, dehumidifiers, and the grow room itself.

It is a good idea to be conservative with your measurements regarding your A/C. Remember to allow for a little extra for very warm days or extra equipment. A good rule calculating BTU’s needed is this: for every 1 watt of light, you will need 3 BTU’s of cooling. Since we want to provide ourselves with a little extra room, try to go 15-20% over this for your final calculations.

How do you calculate AC tonnage for your commercial grow room?

An A/C’s cooling ability can be rated by either a Btu or a tonnage. 12,000 BTUs equal to 1 ton.

You will need to divide the amount of BTUs you need by 12,000. For example, 125,000 to 150,000 BTU would equal to 10-12 tons.

Why it is important to fight heat in your cannabis grow room

Temperature is one of the most common problems in indoor facilities. The intense lights and the other equipment needed can really ramp up the temperature in a grow room. This heat can affect your plants negatively. You have to be extra careful to fight this excess heat in your grow room. This starts by understanding your space, how your grow room is designed, calculating how hot your equipment runs, and knowing how many BTU’s of AC you will need to keep your grow room at the proper temperature.

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